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Your Guide to Acing Power Dressing

Your Guide to Acing Power Dressing

When you think of power dressing, you can’t help but envision a femme fatale figure in a sleek black suit and a winged eyeliner to die for.

From Angeline Jolie and Charlize Theron to Emily Blunt and Emma Watson, some of our favorite leading ladies have adorned themselves in jumpsuits and dresses that reek of power—and can’t help but we envious.

Power dressing has come a long way since the early 1970s. Before the sexual revolution, power dressing underplayed femininity. Conservative suits, over-sized jackets, and knee-length skirts with discreet jewelry dominated the scene.

But as women’s role in professional and political fields grew, there was no need for them to imitate men in dressing.

Gone was the need to strictly stick to dull colors. New fabrics were introduced as part of the design—and before we knew it, power dressing for women had become a fashion and a political statement.

The Formal Dress

Dresses at the workplace brought about an elaborate shift in power dressing for women.

Women were no longer meshing their identity with the men at the workplace. They were thriving in all fields based on their talent and capabilities, and that’s when formal dresses came in.

A V neck dress with long sleeves in a solid color that hugs the figure oozes power and femininity. The elegance of it comes from a neat silhouette that exudes sophistication and style.


A formal cut jumpsuit gives women a charming and professional look.

Whether you pick one with full sleeves and a collared neck, or one with a belt that ties at the waist with shoulder straps, jumpsuits are the epitome of charm, elegance, and functionality.

They’re practical, easy to work in and send a message that even with feminine clothes, women aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.


This classic power dress has been a part of the workplace dressing tradition for women since the beginning. However, in recent years it has undergone several transformations.

Body pants and puffy shirts that hide the figure are no longer in style—and we say good riddance!

Pants with stripes and well-fitted collared shirts are taking over the power dressing game for women as they convey sophistication and charm. Top it off with a blazer, and you’re ready to slay!

If you’re planning to up your power dressing game, check out KA Fashions. The online fashion retailer website has an extension collection Versace pants and Dolce Gabbana suits to treat your inner Wonder Woman.

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