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Allure Cashmere by KA Fashions

Allure Cashmere by KA Fashions


KA Fashions’ Allure Cashmere by Ken Adams are made from superior quality wool, unmatched in the industry. Our cashmere is derived from the upper regions of Western Tibet, known to be the source of the finest cashmere in the world. The cashmere wool used in Ken Adams signature products is of a more refined grade known as “Pashmina.” Harvested in high altitudes, Pashmina is the noblest cashmere variety and is the oldest and most luxurious.

Our Pashmina is sheared, cleaned, dyed, and woven by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, making the process not only authentic but to locals, almost sacred.

The Wool


Cashmere wool is sheared from the mountain goat “Capra Hircus,” traditionally known as “Changra.” Each Changra produces just 3-8 ounces of fleece in a year. This rarity, along with the unique softness and richness of this fine wool has made cashmere “the diamond of fibers.”


The fleece of the Changra is made up of two distinct fibers; the coarse outer hair, and the ultra-fine undercoat. The fine undercoat (under 18.5 microns) is the source of Pashmina fiber for clothing. This ultra-fine undercoat (known as “pashm”) is produced only beyond 4500m altitude, meaning that Pashmina is naturally so warm that it’s able to protect these animals from the frigid temperatures. It is finest and softest in the neck and stomach area.

 Despite the ultra-fine nature of Pashmina, the fiber is super high-loft, thereby providing natural bulk-free, light-weight insulation.

Pashmina fibers are highly adaptable and are easily woven into fine or thick yarns to create light to thicker fabrics appropriate for all variations of cold weather.

Pashmina also has a unique insulation property that allows it to change with the relative humidity in the air.

The Process

Shearing: The cashmere wool is sheared from the underside of the animal’s neck and torso using safe and hygienic tools. The process of obtaining the wool is carried out responsibly and humanely, taking extra caution to not cause any harm in any manner to the animals.


Weaving: All our weaving is done on handlooms by Nepalese men and women who have perfected the delicate act of weaving through generations. The process is intricate, with every warp and weft intertwined delicately on the loom to produce a luxurious, soft, warm, and beautiful fabric.


Dyeing: We dye each fabric individually by hand, using only safe, eco-friendly dyes. We produce fabric in virtually any color or color combination.


Washing: Our products are hand-washed with cashmere shampoo in chemical-free, pristine Himalayan water, pumped from a depth of 80 feet.


Tassel Twisting: All our shawls are twisted and knotted by hand. It takes one person an entire day to twist and knot the ends of a single shawl into fine fringes.




The team involved in the entire production of our cashmere products works and is compensated fairly and within the bounds of international labor rights.

The End Product

Superior quality, high-end luxury, sophistication, glamor

Our rare and pure Pashmina along with the painstaking, hand-made production process results in a fine, luxurious cashmere garment that stands out from all others.

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