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Level-Up Your Office Game—3 Versace Items You Need For Your Back-To-Office Post-Corona Glam Look

Level-Up Your Office Game—3 Versace Items You Need For Your Back-To-Office Post-Corona Glam Look

Most of us will agree that the lockdown, although for our own good, has gone on for way too long, and things have started to get over-the-top frustrating.

However, the good news is that things are finally getting better, and if this pace keeps up, we can all return to our normal lives soon.

But are you ready to make your big entry into the world again? If not, these Versace items will get you on the right track!

This Gorgeous Blood-Red Tote

A red-colored tote bag by the brand Versace Jeans available on the KA Fashions online retail store.

One of the best ways to add a splash of color to your style is by taking this beautiful blood-red tote bag by Versace Jeans along with you. Made of synthetic leather, the bag features two handles and three internal pockets, making sure everything is easily accessible.

Perfect for those days when you’re going out for dinner with your office friends instead of going home, this tote bag will surely brighten up your back-to-office days.

Dark Blue Stretch Denim Cotton Skinny Fit Pants

A pair of dark blue ladies’ skinny jeans by Versace Jeans available at the online outlet of KA Fashions

Want to show off your brand new summer body that you achieved by working out hard during the lockdown? These denim cotton skinny fit pants are a great start!

Pair them up with a fun and casual top, grab your bag, throw on some heels, and girrrrl are you ready to conquer the world!

Black Viscose Top

A black sleeveless viscose blouse for women by Versace Jeans available on the KA Fashions online store.

Enough casual talk, let’s try and get you in shape for an important meeting now. Formals and neutrals are the usual dress-code for corporate meetings,but who said your formal get-up has to be boring?

Try on this black viscose top by Versace Jeans, and you’re good to go!

Loved these beautiful Versace items? Not only will they help you turn heads, but they will also keep you safe, comfortable, and well-respected.

Luxury items are created with high-quality materials, with a lot of care,and keeping the client’s comfort as the first priority.

If you’re looking for an online fashion retailer to buy these authentic Versace Jeans products from, you won’t go wrong with KA Fashions.

We feature an exhaustive collection of high-end luxury brands, including Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada, to bring out your inner power-persona. Shop with us today!


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