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Kickstarter Project: Allure Cashmere-A Sustainable Luxury Brand By Sacramento Designer Ken Adams

Kickstarter Project: Allure Cashmere-A Sustainable Luxury Brand By Sacramento Designer Ken Adams

Quality and luxury are two of the most important traits for local fashion designer Ken Adams, owner and founder of KAFashions. This is exactly the thought process behind his newly launched Kickstarter Project to promote his new product line, Allure Cashmere.

KA fashions offers a wide array of products that include women and men signature designs, ready-to-wear items, and quality accessories but his Allure Cashmere line brings his brand to luxury level with the additional quality of sustainable fashion. During his travels through Asia, Ken encountered a family group of cashmere weavers who carried out the entire production using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, producing high quality cashmere products.

Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat which produces fine soft wool. Big box stores sell their versions of cashmere that are often wool or cotton blended. What sets KAFashions cashmere apart from the rest is the more refined grade known as Pashmina, a fiber produced from local goats in the upper western Himalayan region of Nepal known as Changra. Changra is a lightweight bulk free type of cashmere that is 100% handwoven. From the shaving of the Changra, dyeing, hand weaving to the final product, the natural sustainable process that this group of weavers was able to produce simply fascinated Ken. Not only was this small group of  family weavers capable of making high superior quality products, their unique process was a way of life for them and supported their families providing education for their children.

KAFashions Allure Cashmere is the stepping stone to bringing his brand to the next level by producing designs of superior quality. By making a pledge to his Kickstarter project, you will be supporting a local Sacramento designer who can add to the growing luxury and glamorous fashion community, locally and globally. Your pledge also supports the ongoing traditions of family weavers who enjoy their way of life through their craft.

How to Pledge. Choose from the selection under Support This Project. Pledge as little as $10 to receive a sample swatch and feel the fine quality of Allure Cashmere has to offer. Or Pledge from $50 to $300 and more to receive your very own Allure Cashmere product. Some pledges come with a freebie so make sure to read into all pledges.

Contact us today for more information on KAFashions and the Kickstarter Project.

Guest Writer: Michelle Groft of MGSIMPLESTYLE

Michelle is also a Stylist for KAFashions

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