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Leopard Print Scarf

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Talking about a fancy scarf, you wouldn’t get a better one than this Leopard Print Scarf from the Allurecashmere Shop. All roads lead back to this simple scarf perfect for adding to any outfit of the day.

A neutral take on a leopard print premium cashmere material for a safari-inspired look. It has a well-tailored edge that promises greater comfort all through the day. This lovely scarf's print detailing gives it an ultra-modern and very stylish look.

Tie yours in a knot now while it's still cold out, you will feel good about the way you look. Or wear it loosely draped over your shoulders once it gets warmer. Get yours today!

  • Handcrafted in Nepal 
  • 210 Leopard Printed Scarf 20/72 
  • Handcrafted / 100% Cashmere 12gg
  • Handwash /dry cleaning only
  • Softest and Finest Cashmere
  • Comfy
  • Please Note: Delivery in 30 days Order Now /or Pre-purchase