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Allure Cashmere is KA Fashions’ in-house line of 100% Pashmina cashmere apparel, handmade in Nepal from sustainably harvested Changra wool. But Allure Cashmere is more than simply a fashion brand: it’s a mission to do better, to improve the fashion industry, and to make the highest quality, most luxurious apparel more accessible to you.

For centuries, cashmere wool has been prized for its silken softness, durability, warmth, and light weight; it outperforms traditional sheep’s wool in every respect, but is also notoriously expensive. It can only be harvested in the spring, when the cashmere goats are shedding their winter coat. Pashmina cashmere originates in the mountains of western Tibet, which is renowned as the home of the finest cashmere. The pashmina goats, or changra, are the best in the world for producing high quality cashmere wool.

In his search for the world’s best apparel, Ken Adams found a small, family-run cashmere producer in Nepal who made all their products by hand and let their herds of changra roam freely instead of keeping them trapped in overcrowded pens. In the shadow of our planet’s tallest mountains, these noble animals live happily and produce beautiful cashmere wool. The sustainable, ethical, and authentic approach this Nepalese family takes to their cashmere business made them the perfect supplier for the Allure Cashmere line.

Every item in the Allure Cashmere is entirely handmade in Nepal from 100% Pashmina cashmere using sustainable practices and with strict attention to quality, style, beauty, and durability. A piece of Allure Cashmere clothing is an investment in a centuries-long tradition of the finest textiles in the world that will outlast trends and outlive lesser pieces of clothing. The cost of our cashmere apparel reflects the quality of materials and construction, not an artificially inflated price to support a corporate advertising campaign.

Allure Cashmere is changing the world, one piece of luxury fashion clothing at a time. Be a part of it: give in to the Allure.