Who We Are

KA Fashions is an online luxury fashion retailer that offers high-end designer
pieces at affordable prices. We carry our own in-house brand (Ken Adams) as well as ready-to-wear items from established brands around the world. Our very own Allure Cashmere by Ken Adams is a line of 100% cashmere products that are entirely hand-made in Nepal. The products you find on KA Fashions are carefully curated to ensure quality, style, beauty, and lasting wear.


Our Story


KA Fashions was founded in the heart of California’s fashion district by Ken Adams. KA Fashions’ journey started when Ken was a young entrepreneur in his native country Sierra Leone. In a bid to grow his business, Ken travelled frequently to the U.S. and Europe as well as Asia to expand his knowledge of the fashion business. He envisioned creating products which combined styles and materials from different parts of the world. Ken eventually emigrated to the U.S. where he founded KA Fashions. His vision was to make KA Fashions a hub for the fashionably conscious consumer who appreciates quality and style without breaking the bank. Ken took a particularly special interest in the elegance of Allure Cashmere. Ken sought to make quality cashmere products without the staggering prices that were offered by his luxury brand competitors. He was inspired by a small, family-owned cashmere maker in Nepal, whose humble roots resonated with his. He partnered with this small establishment to create entirely hand-made cashmere products for KA Fashions. Ken Adams Allure Cashmere products are made from superior quality “Pashmina” wool derived from the upper regions of Western Tibet.


Our Mission

We love fashion! We intend to create a platform to address the unique needs of
luxury fashion enthusiasts. Our goal is to become a renowned global luxury
fashion platform for seasoned designers and all fashion lovers to discover and
explore incredible fashion.