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Cashmere Polo Shirt

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Prepare for a cute getaway and give yourself the high-trend gift of a Cashmere polo shirt. Super soft and lightweight silk-cashmere fabric with a navy blue hue shapes this polo shirt. The zipper design gives it a wow factor, while the relaxed fit adds breezy vibes.

The collared style with the short sleeves of this polo shirt is the major trend alert. The front pockets look like the perfect high-trend statement for this shirt. We are loving this style, it dresses you up in supreme cuteness.

This is how we define our Cashmere polo shirt with zipper. Style this Cashmere polo shirt with some Jeans, your fave shoes, and simple accessories to set your mood for the day. 

  • Handcrafted in Nepal 
  • Handcrafted / Lightweight 100% Silk-Cashmere Polo 
  • Handwash /dry cleaning only
  • Softest and Finest Cashmere
  • Comfy
  • Please Note: Delivery in 30 days Order Now /or Pre-purchase