Allure Cashmere

Ken Adams Signature design Allure Cashmere apparel and accessories made with ultra-rare Pashmina Cashmere. Allure Cashmere’s collection includes beanies, sleeping masks, and scarves, as well as women’s shawls, sweaters, shorts, and ponchos. All of these items are luxuriously soft and beautiful with a number of sizes and colors available in each.
Ken Adam's Allure Cashmere Collections is different from other such brands because the company uses only Pashmina Cashmere, an ultra-rare and hard to find wool. Pashmina Cashmere is only found on the Capra Hircus, a mountain goat, at elevations of 4500 meters and higher. Allure Cashmere sources all of their Cashmere from Tibet, using local workers who have used this Cashmere for generations. They use a traditional technique that is sacred to their people. This technique includes shearing, cleaning, dying, and weaving by hand.
Ken Adams makes a contribution from all Allure Cashmere sales back into the local factory workers, their families and towards building better sustainable communities. Ken Adams is also in the process of making contributions towards the local animal rescues and shelters in California.

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